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The Seven Deadly Sins

Any classification of behavior is arbitrary at best when one person’s vice is another person’s hobby. Still, the seven “sins” listed below have gotten a bad rap for centuries. But upon closer examination, it becomes clear that context is required to properly assess the merits of these spiritual shortcomings.


WHEN IT’S WRONG: After  a co-worker got fired due to your latest prank

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: After a co-worker got fired due to your latest prank



WHEN IT’S WRONG: If the object of envy is unattainable (e.g. youth or beauty)

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: If the object in question is small enough to steal



WHEN IT’S WRONG: At restaurants and social functions

WHEN IT’S RIGHT:  After 5 Gin Tonics



WHEN IT’S WRONG: In the face of a handsome colleague

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: In the face of your next bonus



WHEN IT’S WRONG: In public settings or on camera

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: When directed at slow-walking people that get in your way



WHEN IT’S WRONG: At the corporate level

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: In small, covert endeavors that remain undetected



WHEN IT’S WRONG: When the house is on fire

WHEN IT’S RIGHT: On vacation or when binge-watching something artsy



This way for indulgement


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