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Decorative Motifs for Private Spaces

One of the most powerful things a modern hedonist can do is to create a private space where thoughts of debt, obligations, work, drama and stress have no place. Whether it’s a bathroom, your bedroom or a treehouse in the back garden, you need a space to unwind. Calming music replaces the endless drone of the television, wind chimes tinkle in the breeze and a nice motif can set just the right tone. Here are five easy themes to consider:


Opium Den


Lots of red and black fabrics, silk pillows, drippy candles, intricate carvings and a big, fat hookah pipe conjure up images of French colonial rule back in the day. An excellent choice for night owls.


Zen Retreat


Minimalism, clean lines, pots of grass and a little patch of sand symbolize the meaningless of everything. An effective affront to the relentless grind of capitalism. A ighly effective motif for those prone to headaches and panic attacks.


White Palace


Purity of theme in white candles, soft fabrics, billowy drapes and clean walls makes for complete serenity in the tradition of a modern-day spa. Obvious? Yes, but minimalism and simplicity are always calming. Top choice for the high-strung and the burnt out.


Psychedelic Wonderland

Day-Glo faux fur, geometric patterns and camp art make the spirit giddy. Kitschy, perhaps, but humor always helps ward off self-importance. This is a particularly effective motif for serious-minded workaholics and those in accounting.


Bollywood Dreams


Exotic tapestries, sequins, silks and lots of marble evoke images of an exotic wonderland of naughty delights where pinks, tangerines and turquoise abound. Just the right blend of camp and calm for lunatics and nymphomaniacs.


Happy decorating!


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(From the writings of Michael Flocker)


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