Buzz, Bits and Bytes - Issue 1 – Hedoine

Buzz, Bits and Bytes - Issue 1

October 12, 2018 – A few bits and bobs we thought you might enjoy: 

Hmmm. For the more fashion-forward among you, the Atlantic has rounded up some of the best looks from the World of Wearable Art Competition

Here’s an interesting piece from Topic. Did you know the US Armed Forces purchases more than ten tons of makeup each year? Indeed, they do. 

We’ll take it! The Cool Hunter takes a peek inside the ultra-chic and uber-stylish Kennedy apartment in Paris apartment. Red wine is verboten

Did you hear about the Banksy painting that sold at Sotheby’s for £1 million, then self-destructed just seconds later? Well, here’s how he did it. 

Care for little history with your lunch? Our friends at Londnr have put together a brief history of the sandwich

Forbes checks in with Victoria Beckham who, you will be pleased to hear, hasn’t given up on girl power.

Up for a little desk travel? Float through this amazing gallery of amazing places to experience around the globe.

Today’s mystery. Are Tilda Swinton and the 82-year-old retired psychoanalyst from Berlin, Lutz Ebersdorf, one and the same?  What exactly is going on in Luca Guadagninoi’s latest film, Suspiria?


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