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An Economy of Effort

If your work is hard, you need to find ways to make it easier. If you’re doing too much work, you need to take stock and determine what is unnecessary. The belief that only hard work is worthwhile is absurd. Any work can be made “hard.” Planting a fern can be difficult if you decide that blueprints and plans are required, make a spreadsheet listing the tools you’ll need, schedule the planting and run soil tests before you begin. Just stick the thing in the ground and get out of the way.

In Vedic science, an ancient Indian philosophy, it is known as “economy of effort.” You will achieve far better results by simply applying your energies only toward those things that are essential. Anything more is wasted effort and only heightens the possibility of complication.

Of course, in the eyes of a true control freak, this may seem like little more than an excuse for laziness, but that is an entirely inaccurate assessment. It is the efficient application of resources that gets the job done with the greatest of ease in the shortest time possible. No stress, no fuss, no problem, and there’s time left over for a nice long lunch.

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