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Amal on the Rise


On Wednesday, December 8, in New York City, Amal Clooney gave a hard-hitting speech at the United Nations Correspondents Association Awardswhere she was being honored as the 2018 Global Citizen of the Year.  She spoke about “the chilling effect” of President Donald Trump and his administration’s attitude toward the media and journalists worldwide.


Clooney praised the work of international journalists and warned of autocratic regimes like North Korea, the Philippines, Hungary, Turkey, and Brazil, where journalists are increasingly under attack. She also called out Trump in particular, saying, “The U.S. president has given such regimes a green light and labeled the press in this country the ‘enemy of the people.’”


As a human rights attorney, Clooney is no stranger to international affairs and human rights violations, and she speaks from a position of great authority. And her poise and presence as a public speaker are extremely impressive.


We love seeing such a powerful, intelligent and assertive woman speaking so eloquently about a very serious subject. And, of course, we couldn’t help but notice how fabulous she looked in her J. Mendel gown, accessorized by a pair of diamond-shaped, statement earrings and salt-and-pepper husband George Clooney.


This woman is truly an inspiring Hedoine. Not only did she build a fabulous, high-profile career on her own, she found a life partner who is equally passionate about global causes andshe continues to devote her time and money reaching out and giving voice to those who are too often left unheard. Oh, and she recently had twins too, which we find to be a truly extraordinary example of practical efficiency and time management!


So, cheers to you and your powerful words, Amal!

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